About ΔΚ

Over 40 years ago on Saturday, November 20, 1976, BOLD Delta Kappa Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., was chartered at the Georgia Institute of Technology, making it the first Black Greek-Letter Organization chartered at Georgia Tech. The man who played a key role in getting Delta Kappa chartered was Brother James Mack, a graduate of Morgan State University (Π Chapter) and the Dean of Pledges for the first two lines at ΔΚ.

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Since that time, ΔΚ has added 34 lines and 135 Brothers to its number, with Brothers that have gone on to excel in the fields of engineering, medicine, law, government, business, finance, military service, and professional sports after graduation from Georgia Tech.


Graduates Graduates Graduates Graduates Graduates Graduates Graduates Graduates Graduates

Besides their scholastic and community service achievements, ΔΚ Brothers have always been engaged in campus life by hosting Achievement Week events, incredible parties and yard shows, and GT Football gameday tailgates. Delta Kappa is also known for the power, precision, and dominance of its hop teams in competitive step shows at various college campuses around the Southeast and across the United States.


Indeed, future collegiate men of like mind,
in partnership with their fellow students and the surrounding community,
will ensure that BOLD Delta Kappa Chapter continues
its service to the Georgia Tech and Atlanta communities
for the next 40 years and beyond.


2021-2022 ΔΚ Officers

Tech Tower

David Anderson Jr., Basileus
John Watkins, Vice Basileus
Christian Clowers, Keeper of Records and Seal
Kailen De Saussure, Keeper of Finance
Camron Hill, Keeper of Peace
Sidney Lee, Chaplain
Bradley Favors, Public Relations Editor
Wilford Smith, Graduate Advisor
Ian Johnson, Assistant Graduate Advisor
Michael Reed, Faculty Advisor


BOLD Delta Kappa Chapter's commitment to academic excellence, community outreach, and social engagement has kept ΔΚ at the forefront of Georgia Tech campus life for 40 years. Besides parties, step shows, and our involvement in campus and professional organizations, we celebrate Omega's leadership in social action and providing scholarships during our annual Achievement Week.

2022 Probate 2021 Black History Month

Achievement Week 2021

Achievement Week 2021

Past Events

2021 Inauguration
2021 Ques
2021 Inauguration Que & A
Achievement Week
Scarves and S'mores
Stop Human Trafficking
Achievement Week
Achievement Week
Beyond The Ballot
Founders' Day Tailgate
Que & A
Qollecting EssentialZ
Back To School
Comebaq Season
Go Vote!
XZ Tailgate
BM Tailgate
106 & Bark
Achievement Week
Miss Omega

The value of our Fraternity is not in numbers, but in Men, in real Brotherhood. Eight Men thoroughly immersed in the true Omega Spirit are far greater assets than Eighty with lukewarm Enthusiasm.

Chapter Lineage

About ΩΨΦ

In The Beginning

June 17, 1976 (Spring)
D.P. James Mack Ω

1. Wilford Smith
2. Brian Lewis
3. Dwain Laing
4. Reginald Jackson
5. Frank Boyd
6. Ken McCray Ω
7. Vermond Walker
8. Michael Martin Ω

Super Six

June 19, 1977 (Spring)
D.P. James Mack Ω

1. Paul Butler
2. Leigh Torrence
3. Anthony Allen
4. Henry Skrine, Jr. Ω
5. Frank Rucker
6. Roy Simmons Ω


May 23, 1979 (Spring)
D.P. Reginald Jackson

1. Mical Bruce
2. David Wheaton
3. George Steele
4. James Lane, Jr.
5. Dwayne Bell


April 5, 1980 (Winter)
D.P. Leigh Torrence

1. Kurt Wilson
2. Mel Turner
3. Leonard Searcy
4. Frederick Work, Jr.
5. Jerome Peters

Over The Hill Gang

March 1, 1981 (Winter)
D.P. James Lane, Jr.

1. Bernard Weston
2. Steve Edmonds
3. James Robinson
4. William McDonald, Jr.

Anixi Trilogy

May 29, 1981 (Spring)
D.P. Frederick Works, Jr.

1. Eric Pinckney
2. John Pittman Ω
3. Alan Hairston Ω

A New Beginning

May 24, 1982 (Spring)
D.P. James Robinson

1. Michael Pittman
2. Ozie Dee Adams, Jr.
3. Milton Parks, Jr.
4. Daryl Jones

Odd Couple

April 9, 1984 (Winter)
D.P. Bernard Weston

2. Charles Wilson
3. John Dooley


April 1, 1986 (Winter)
D.P. Eric Pinckney

1. Rolandrius Bradford
2. David Miller
3. William Clyburn
4. Gavin Samms


June 1, 1986 (Spring)
D.P. John Dooley

1. Johnny Fountain
2. Keith Macey
4. Bernard Gunn
5. Stephen Andrews

Convict Six

March 4, 1987 (Winter)
D.P. Gavin Samms
A.D.P. William Clyburn

1. Cleophus Alan Hudson
2. Commodore Primous, Jr.
3. Troy Pinkney
4. Cedric Stallworth
5. Richard Bell
6. George Malone

Four-Ever and a Day

May 22, 1988 (Spring)
D.P. Keith Macey
A.D.P. Gavin Samms

1. Barian Woodward
2. Dana Gordon
3. Anthony Moore
4. Walter Reed

By Any Means Necessary

November 21, 1989 (Fall)
D.P. Commodore Primous, Jr.
A.D.P Cleophus Alan Hudson

1. Richard Harris, III
2. Alex Parker
3. Robert Stanard
4. Stephen Clemons

The Seventh Sign

April 16, 1990 (Spring)
D.P. Cedric Stallworth
A.D.P. Anthony Moore

1. Marc Riley
2. Augustus Henderson
3. Daryl Watkins
4. Brian Blake
5. Derrick Hamilton
6. Dorian Cartwright
7. Sterling Garrett


June 2, 1991 (Spring)
D.P. Stephen Clemons
A.D.P. Alex Parker

1. Andrew Headley
2. Sheldon Turner
3. Tobias Pace

Chain Gang

June 2, 1992 (Spring)
D.P. Marc Riley
A.D.P. Sterling Garrett

1. Kiel Divens
2. Chad McKnight
3. Claude Roney
4. Edward Fye
5. Antwane Shephard Ω
6. Jason Reynolds
7. Ryan Stewart

And Then There Were Two

December 5, 1992 (Fall)
D.P. Marc Riley
1. Julian Walker Ω
2. James Williams


May 14, 1994 (Spring)
D.P. Sheldon Turner
A.D.P. Daryl Watkins

1. Jarrad Reddick
2. Darwin Newton, Jr.
3. Michael Thompkins
4. Dexter Stallworth

Faces of Death

December 1, 1995 (Fall)
D.P. Chad McKnight
A.D.P. Jason Reynolds

1. Michael Wells
2. Travis Spaulding
3. David Anderson
4. Kevin Martin

The Last QUE-Sade

October 13, 1997 (Fall)
D.P. Jason Reynolds
A.D.P. Michael Thompkins

1. Ian Johnson
2. Larry Brown
3. Charles Wright, II

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

April 2, 1999 (Spring)
D.P. Travis Spaulding
A.D.P. Kevin Martin

1. Calvin Clayton, Jr.
2. Michael Gyamfi

Ground Zero

March 15, 2002 (Spring)
D.P. Larry Brown
A.D.P. Michael Gyamfi

1. Maurice Williams
2. Jicori Minor
3. Timothy Perdue, Jr.
4. Kelvin Cannady, Jr.
5. Justin Cotton
6. David Hutcherson, II
7. Maxwell Frazier

The Ascension

April 21, 2007 (Spring)
D.P. Kelvin Cannady, Jr.
A.D.P. Timothy Perdue, Jr.

1. Anthony Threatts
2. David Long
3. Michael Reed

Soul Survivors

April 16, 2008 (Spring)
D.P. Anthony Threatts
A.D.P. Michael Reed

1. Christopher Chidi
2. Gregory Smith

The Revolutionary Six

November 15, 2008 (Fall)
D.P. Michael Reed
A.D.P. Christopher Chidi

1. Douglas Walker
2. Warren Wills
3. Quincy Kelly
4. Joleon Pettway
5. Osahon Tongo
6. Arthur Rozier, IV

Like Father, Like Son

April 9, 2010 (Spring)
D.P. Christopher Chidi
A.D.P. Douglas Walker

1. Bijan Machen
2. DeRon Jasper


January 15, 2014 (Spring)
D.P. Michael Reed
A.D.P. Christopher Chidi

2. Mark Miller

The Second Coming

April 24, 2015 (Spring)
D.P. Christopher Chidi
A.D.P. Mark Miller

1. Michael Alemayehu
2. Fonjah Fon

Cerberus' Revenge

April 9, 2016 (Spring)
D.P. Mark Miller
A.D.P. Michael Alemayehu

1. Brandan Brown
2. Lawrence Austin
3. Terrell Lewis


February 12, 2017 (Spring)
D.P. Brandan Brown
A.D.P. Terrell Lewis

1. Chris Alan Hairston
2. Quentin Samuels
3. Marcus Daryl Jones
4. Francis Kallon


October 20, 2018 (Fall)
D.P. Terrell Lewis
A.D.P. Marcus Daryl Jones

1. Norman Harris, II

Ωuarantine: Eternally Quenected

March 30, 2019 (Spring)
D.P. Marcus Daryl Jones
A.D.P. Norman Harris, II

1. Christopher Martin
2. Christopher Payne
3. Brandon Adams Ω
4. Stephen Clemons
5. Joshua White


November 18, 2020 (Fall)
D.P. Christopher Martin
A.D.P. Stephen Clemons

1. Zachary Crawford
2. Devin Smith
3. Derek Huell
4. Myles Sims

The Qure

November 14, 2021 (Fall)
D.P. Stephen Clemons
A.D.P. Zachary Crawford

1. Kailen De Saussure
2. Nate Moon, III
3. Chandler Simpson
4. Tyson Meiguez

Seven S.I.N.F.U.L. Disciples

January 8, 2023 (Fall)
D.P. Zachary Crawford
A.D.P. Nate Moon, III

1. Christian Clowers
2. Marvens Cherelus
3. David Anderson Jr.
4. Sidney Lee
5. Bradley Favors
6. John Watkins
7. Camron Hill

QonseQuences and ReperQussions

April 14, 2024 (Spring)
D.P. Nate Moon, III
A.D.P. Christian Clowers

1. Christopher Copeland
2. Kaleb Edwards
3. Clayton Powell-Lee
4. Avery Boyd
5. Zeek Biggers


1990's Awards

Brothers of Delta Kappa Chapter have served the Georgia Tech and surrounding communities through initiatives such as outreach at Techwood Homes, the first public housing project in the United States; tutoring at OMED Educational Services and as OMED Challenge counselors; volunteering as Orientation Week coordinators; and as active participants, board members, and officers in campus organizations such as:

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Student Government Association (SGA)
SGA Finance Committee
Student Alumni Association
Student Activity Complex Advisory Board
Tech Enhancing Atlanta Metropolitan (TEAM) Buzz community service day
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ANAK Society
Connect With Tech
Georgia Tech Cooperative Division
Georgia Tech Department of Housing
Lambda Delta Rho (ΛΔΡ) Freshman Leadership Program
LeaderShape Institute at Georgia Tech
ILARC Learning Center
Students Against Apartheid


In addition, ΔΚ Brothers founded African American Student Union (AASU), Georgia Tech Law Club, Future Leaders Aspiring for Manhood through Education (FLAME), and Your Perspective Magazine. Delta Kappa Chapter has been recognized by Georgia Tech and the Technique, Georgia Tech's campus newspaper, as the Outstanding Black Greek Organization for several years. Notably, Delta Kappa Chapter has won the Georgia Tech Greek Alumni Challenge for Roll Call donations for 5 years, including donations related to the Georgia Tech Alumni Association's Pi Mile 5K Road Race.

Roll Call

Roll Call
Roll Call
Roll Call
Roll Call
Roll Call
Pi Mile
Pi Mile
Pi Mile

Delta Kappa has also been recognized for its peerless scholarship and outstanding community service by Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., on the State, 7th District (Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi), and International levels.

2010's Awards

In the Atlanta community, ΔK Brothers have been active with 100 Black Men of America, American Cancer Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Habitat For Humanity, Hands On Atlanta, Hosea's Feed The Hungry and Homeless, National Children's Leukemia Foundation, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Piedmont Park Conservancy, Shaping A Vision through Empowerment (SAVE), and United Negro College Fund (UNCF). In addition, Delta Kappa Chapter has devoted time, energy, and enthusiasm to service projects and outreach at nursing homes, mental health centers, children's hospitals, soup kitchens, area elementary and high schools, and local churches.


Myles 'Spider' Sims
Bradley Favors (5.ΔK.2022)
GT Track & Field
Brandon Adams
John Watkins (6.ΔK.2022)
GT Track & Field
Devin Smith
Camron Hill (7.ΔK.2022)
GT Baseball
Myles 'Spider' Sims
Nate Moon, III (2.ΔK.2021)
GT Football
Brandon Adams
Chandler Simpson (3.ΔK.2021)
GT Baseball
Devin Smith
Tyson Meiguez (4.ΔK.2021)
GT Football
Myles 'Spider' Sims
Myles "Spider" Sims (4.ΔK.2020)
GT Football
Brandon Adams
Brandon Adams Ω (3.ΔK.2019)
GT Football
Defensive Lineman
Devin Smith
Devin Smith (2.ΔK.2020)
GT Football
Mike Martin
Michael Martin Ω (8.ΔK.1976)
GT Basketball
Power Forward, Center
Brandon Adams
Chris Martin (1.ΔK.2019)
GT Football
Defensive Tackle
Norman Harris, II
Norman Harris, II (1.ΔK.2018)
GT Basketball
Point Guard
Joshua White
Joshua White (5.ΔK.2019)
GT Football
Defensive End
Reginald Jackson
Reginald Jackson (4.ΔK.1976)
GT Football
Roy Simmons
Roy Simmons Ω (6.ΔK.1977)
GT Football, New York Giants
Superbowl XVIII
Francis Kallon
Francis Kallon (4.ΔK.2017)
GT Football, Tennessee Titans
Defensive End
Terrell Lewis
Terrell Lewis (3.ΔK.2016)
GT Football
Bernard Weston
Bernard Weston (1.ΔK.1981)
GT Gymnastics
Still Rings
Lawrence Austin
Lawrence Austin (2.ΔK.2016)
GT Football
Defensive Back
Cedric Stallworth
Cedric Stallworth (4.ΔK.1987)
GT Football, Green Bay Packers
Ryan Stewart Ryan Stewart
Ryan Stewart (7.ΔK.1992)
GT Football, Detroit Lions
George Malone
George Malone (6.ΔK.1987)
GT Football
Quincy Kelly
Quincy Kelly (3.ΔK.2008, Fall)
GT Football
Runningback, Fullback
Osahon Tongo
Osahon Tongo (5.ΔK.2008, Fall)
GT Football
Defensive End, Linebacker
Greg Smith
Greg Smith (2.ΔK.2008, Spring)
GT Football
Wide Receiver

Richard Bell
Richard Bell (5.ΔK.1987)
GT Basketball
Point Guard

Step Shows

1970's Show 1970's Show 1970's Show 1970's Show

Step Show, 1977

Bruhs On Parade

1988 Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Parade

1980's Yard Show 1980's Yard Show

Yard Shows, 1980's

Tuxedo Show

"Tuxedo Show," 1999

Step 2000

Step 2000

2010 Show

2010 Georgia Tech Homecoming Step Show

2018 Yard Show 2018 Yard Show

Yard Show @ 2018 Georgia Tech Homecoming

2019 State Marchdown

2019 Georgia State Marchdown Champion: Brother Chris Payne